Unwanted 21 is a regular use contraceptive pill. Once you have answered the questions and placed an order, our doctors will review your unique health information and contact you in case any additional information is needed. Our doctors will then issue a prescription and your pills will be delivered to your door in discreet packaging (free delivery of course).




    Every pill contains estrogen (Etinylestradiol) and progestagen (Levonorgestrel). The pill is monophasic which means that all hormones are at a constant level in each pill.

    Yes, this product can only be delivered to you once a doctor has issued a prescription. Don't worry, this is t ensure that the pill you're taking is absolutely safe for you and we're here to help you throughout the process! Our doctors will evaluate the responses provided by you while ordering the pill and contact you to know more details about you health background, if needed. Our doctors will then issue a prescription which will be fulfilled by our pharmacy partners through a third party shipping service.

    The most common side effects of this pill are breast tension and nausea.

    Any initial side effects usually disappear within 2 to 4 months from the first intake of the pill cycle.

    Other rare (1 in 100 users) side effects are:
    weight gain, headache, depression, mood changes, nausea, breast pain, chest pain or increased bleedings.

    - Take one tablet a day
    - Take your pill at the same time each day
    - One strip has 21 tablets with specific days marked on them.

    For example :
    If you take the first tablet on a Monday, start with the tablet marked Monday in the package. Repeat the same for other days in the week.

    Follow the direction of the arrow ‘➡️’ until all 21 tablets have been taken. The next 7 days are a pause. Within these 7 days, you will experience your menstrual period. It may begin 2-3 days after you take the last tablet.

    After 7 days, start the next blister strip on the eighth day even if you’re still bleeding. Start a new pack on the same day of the week, like you did before. This will make your menstrual period begin the same time each month.

    Your menstrual period will begin at roughly the same time every month. With correct use, you will still be protected from pregnancies even during your pause.

    The Prev app has an in-app reminder that will notify you to take a pill! It also assists if you forget to take a pill. It also tells you when you need to pause taking pills and then resume again.

    Manufacturer Name: Mankind Pharma Ltd
    Address: 208, Okhla Industrial Estate, Phase III, New Delhi - 110020

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